Monday, 1 April 2013

Meeting Dr. Yeap in person:)

First day of class went well.
Dr Yeap began class by showing us a video from Sesame Street ' As I was going to St. Ives'
At first I didn't understand his attention of showing us the video, but after he explained, I learned something about Mathematics.
It not just about using the different equations to solve the problem, but rather how we see the question.
Whether we understood the problem and how we analyse it, is more important.

Dr. Yeap also discussed about the roles of teacher in teaching Mathematics.
1) Teaching by modelling
(For example using appropriate 'math' language)
2) Teaching by scaffolding
(With intentions to remove in the later part )
3) Teaching by providing opportunities
( Allowing the child to work on the problem, rather than teaching the strategies)
4) Teaching by explaining
(For example: how a problem can be solved using several methods. A  high level process of understanding)

I also learned the the difference between acceleration and enrichment.
Accerelation means by going to the next stage of a particular topic such as counting
By giving the children acceleration, means the teacher introduces another element.
For example, counting with sorting.

Enrichment means staying on the same topic or content but of a higher challenge or diffciculty.
For example counting in 2s followed by counting in 3s

Dr. Yeap organizes his lecture very well and what I look forward most is the 30 minutes break he gave.
I feel more 'alive' and receptive after the break rather than having 2 interval of 15minutes.

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