Friday, 5 April 2013

How do avoid from making careless mistakes?

Tonight was the second last class with Dr. Yeap.
And tonight's topic was 'renaming algebra'.
Basically algebra means patterning in simplified terms.
We do not introduce 'algebra' in its term but we teach children to make patterns

I also asked Dr Yeap a question:
How do we prevent from making careless mistakes.
I remember failing my math tests during to careless mistakes!

Dr Yeap explained that making careless mistakes links to our meta cognition.
There are several reasons why one would tend to make careless mistakes when...
1) We cannot control our own mathematical thinking as we could not make connections with the concepts
2) We are given too much guidance and not given the opportunity to work out the problems on our own.
3)We do not have flexibility in using various strategies to solve a problem. Too structured.

I found this information which tells you the different types of meta cognitive skills.

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