Thursday, 4 April 2013


Today is indeed an interesting and mind-challenging day!
Honestly, I hate FRACTIONS! 
And unfortunately, today's problem is on fraction:
31/2 - 3/4
As what I could remember back in my secondary school days, the method I learned was to change the proper fraction into improper fraction and then multiply the fraction so both denominator are the same.
Thus it would be easier to subtract both fractions.

However the method Dr. Yeap taught was to visualize the fraction in  our mind, and illustrate the model rather than think about the structured method to solve the problem.

Hence I feel that it is easier in doing the Mathematical problem by visualizing rather than remembering the correct method of equation to use.

I also learned that as teachers we should use the correct noun or language in Mathematics.
Such us:
1) Avoid using the word 'LESSER' instead use 'less than' or 'fewer than.'
2) A fraction (3/4) is describe as 3fourths, 3quater or 3 is to 4.

If we are introducing fractions to the children, begin with concrete experiences such as using a familiar item such as a pizza. Ensure the denominator is the same rather than using different numbers for the numerator. Followed by pictorial experiences.
Cooking activities introduce children to the language of fractions and help them link fractions to their everyday experiences. As they take part in these activities, children become familiar with fraction terms such as whole, part, half, third, quarters. 
For example - Cut the muffin in half, fill the cup half full, let's use part of the whole orange, put peanut butter on one half of the bread and jam on the other half of the bread, cut the sandwich in quarters


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