Saturday, 30 March 2013

Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century

Back during my preschool days, I could recall learning maths through route counting and representational counting. But times have change and the content of learning for mathematics in the early years have deepened. To become an effective teacher of mathematics, one must comprehend the concepts and skills of mathematics and know how the children learn  mathematics. 

The NCTM has come up with principles and standards to act as a tool to guide and support teachers in teaching pre-K-12 mathematics. Each principle plays an interrelated role of emphasizing the importance of  teaching mathematics to young children. Out of the six principles, I feel that the Equity Principle is the most important as teachers should be given opportunities and support to learn mathematics. When I was younger, I hated maths so much because I often make careless mistakes while doing my sums. And no matter how my teacher explains it, I could never get the concepts right. 

After reading chapter 1, I have learned the basic concepts that my preschool children should acquire and the positive characteristics a teacher should have when teacher mathematics. I feel that I could adapt such dispositions and apply it into my daily teachings.

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